Inspiring the Why In Your Hire®

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What’s Our Why?

Loving What We Do

We are always meeting and learning from talented people like you. Our passion will show through every step of the process.

Believing in What We Do

We carefully place great people with great companies, what could be better than that? The best part is that it’s not about us…it’s about you.

To Serve As We’d Want To Be Served

Integrity, honesty and hard work. Our services are built around the experience we would want and expect.

Inspiring Engagement

Because with engagement, we can’t fail. 

Vision & Mission

Our mission is simple: take action to remain set apart. Through the use of technology and the constant encouragement of changing the way business is done, we will remain set apart. Our vision “Inspiring the why in your hire” couldn’t happen without your partnership! We want to make a difference, one hire at a time.



“Ryan was an extremely professional recruiter and I had the pleasure of having a positive interaction with him. Ryan's guidance and advice to me completely changed my career for the best. He advised and helped me find a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course which I was struggling with finding one that fit my needs of both being financially feasible and one that fit my schedule. I have been in the Lean Six Sigma arena as a consultant for a few years now and have been extremely successful and that all started with the advice of Ryan. Truly good at what he does and is extremely knowledgeable.”

Placed Candidate

"This serves to confirm the professional traits of Ryan W. Modica who headhunted me for a very important Director Level Operational Excellence position at a multinational corporation. I was considering a job change and the way he went about querying me and seeking conformance with the future position was very professional. In my role at that time, I was traveling around the world and he demonstrated patience and intuition in adapting to my timetable. All modern communication means were employed. He demonstrated good knowledge of Lean Manufacturing tools and techniques and was able to freely communicate with merit, unlike most headhunters I have met so far. I felt at ease during our communication and feedback sessions and I was confident that he would fairly present my case to higher corporate authorities. I would like to recommend Ryan W. Modica to anyone, employer or employment seeker ... I am sure you would be satisfied with his results."

Placed Candidate

"Ryan has been working with me as a headhunter for several years. Ryan makes it a priority to touch base throughout the year to ensure everything is going well and to see if his services can be used. I would recommend Ryan to a corporation in need of great talent, to an individual looking for help in the job market, and also to friends and family. Ryan is reliable, consistent, and also great at his career. 

I enjoyed working with Ryan to land the recent position needed to meet some of my short term-goals and also aligning with my future aspirations. Again, I would recommend Ryan as his work speaks for itself."

Placed Candidate

"Ryan worked with me to find a SVP role. I've worked with a number of executive search professionals over the years and Ryan set himself apart as a true professional. What was differentiated from other recruiting groups was his intense preparation. He managed every detail in the process, and has a wonderful way of representing his corporate clients and the recruits he engages. His care and communication skills are best in class...I would personally recommend him to any prospective client or recruit. Simply put, he's a true professional recruiter."

Placed Candidate

"It is my pleasure to recognize and recommend Ryan W. Modica. I have worked with in my role of VP of OPEX as a resource for finding exceptional talent, as well as on personal placement level. He truly has been an extension of our team and a great business partner! Ryan has built a remarkable network and has the ability to find the perfect candidates, which he has on many occasions. Ryan brings an unprecedented level of energy to the task and has extraordinary follow through. I highly recommend Ryan! Please feel free to contact me with any question. 


Satisfied Client

"Ryan is excellent to work with. I have nothing but good things to say about him - his attention and focus to his clients. He helped me with my own transition from my previous job years ago and now we are working together to build my own Continuous Improvement team/department. It's truly a testament to the quality of his work. Efficient and effective. He gets the job done. I look forward to continuing the relationship!"

Satisfied Client


Inspiring the WHY in your hire®